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The User Manul for Mini210/Tiny210SDK1/SDK2 Board
1. Quickly Start
  1.1  Getting Start for Mini210s
  1.2  Getting Start for Tiny210
  1.3  System Update for Mini210s
  1.4  System Update for Tiny210
2. System Test method
  2.1  Touchsreen
  2.2  rotating screen
  2.3  Play MP3
  2.4  Recording
  2.5  WiFi Internet
  2.6  CMOS camera
  2.7  HDMI output
  2.8  GPS Test
  2.9  Ethenet Setting
  2.10  3G Networking
  2.11  3G SMS
  2.12  Dial-up via 3G
  2.13  USB Bluetooth
  2.14  USB Disk, SD card
  2.15  Backlight Control
  2.16  Serial Port
  2.17  LED Testing
  2.18  PWM Buzzer
  2.19  ADC Testing
  2.20  I2C-EEPROM
5. Board Introduce
  5.1  Different in Tiny210/Tiny210V2
Board Support: Tiny210SDK1,Tiny210SDK2,Mini210S

1. Android Touchscreen calibrate

When you boot the board firstly, it will enter the touchscreen calibrate interface, you can calibrate it on the LCD.

2. Linux Touchscreen calibrate

You will see the calibration interface under the following two situations: 
1. After you follow the steps to install the Qtopia system and reboot the system, you will see the screenshot below. Follow the prompts on the screen to click on them and then click on the "+" signals.
2.After entering the system, go to "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Configurations" -> "Recalibrate". Click on the "+" signal.
 if you cannot calibrate your screen by following the steps below, please delete "/etc/pointercal" and reboot or reinstall the whole system; or connect a USB mouse to your board, select "recalibrate" in "setting" to recalibrate your screen

3. WinCE Touchscreen calibrate

The default WinCE system’s touch screen parameters are for NEC 7"LCD(S70). Other LCD systems may require different settings therefore users need to re-calibrate the screen. Below are the steps: 
Step 1: connect a USB mouse to your board, go to “Start -> Settings -> Control Panel”, locate the “Stylus” icon, double click to open its property window and click on “Calibrate -> ReCalibrate” 
Follow the system’s prompt to start calibration. After you are done you will see the following screen. Click on any position you will return to the property window. Please click on “OK” to save and exit. 
If you want to save the setting, you can go to “Start -> Suspend” and reboot.
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