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The User Manul for Mini210/Tiny210SDK1/SDK2 Board
1. Quickly Start
  1.1  Getting Start for Mini210s
  1.2  Getting Start for Tiny210
  1.3  System Update for Mini210s
  1.4  System Update for Tiny210
2. System Test method
  2.1  Touchsreen
  2.2  rotating screen
  2.3  Play MP3
  2.4  Recording
  2.5  WiFi Internet
  2.6  CMOS camera
  2.7  HDMI output
  2.8  GPS Test
  2.9  Ethenet Setting
  2.10  3G Networking
  2.11  3G SMS
  2.12  Dial-up via 3G
  2.13  USB Bluetooth
  2.14  USB Disk, SD card
  2.15  Backlight Control
  2.16  Serial Port
  2.17  LED Testing
  2.18  PWM Buzzer
  2.19  ADC Testing
  2.20  I2C-EEPROM
5. Board Introduce
  5.1  Different in Tiny210/Tiny210V2
rotating screen
Board Support: Tiny210SDK1,Tiny210SDK2,Mini210S

1. Android rotating screen

Android   horizontal screen is displayed defautly, to switch to vertical display, you can press the Menu key(K3) on the development board.

2. Linux rotating screen

Click on the “rotation” icon in the “settings” tab to enter its interface. You can rotate the screen in four directions.


Select the direction you want, click on “OK” you will see the screen rotate.
Note: sometimes you need to reboot Qtopia to see the rotation. It is a Qtopia utility and we hasn’t made any change to it. In addition the rotation effect is implemented via Qtopia software and has nothing to do with LCD drivers.
After rotation you will notice that all “FriendlyARM” utilities get rotated too. We implemented this feature to make our utilities displayed properly with different LCDs

3. WinCE rotating screen



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