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The User Manul for Mini210/Tiny210SDK1/SDK2 Board
1. Quickly Start
  1.1  Getting Start for Mini210s
  1.2  Getting Start for Tiny210
  1.3  System Update for Mini210s
  1.4  System Update for Tiny210
2. System Test method
  2.1  Touchsreen
  2.2  rotating screen
  2.3  Play MP3
  2.4  Recording
  2.5  WiFi Internet
  2.6  CMOS camera
  2.7  HDMI output
  2.8  GPS Test
  2.9  Ethenet Setting
  2.10  3G Networking
  2.11  3G SMS
  2.12  Dial-up via 3G
  2.13  USB Bluetooth
  2.14  USB Disk, SD card
  2.15  Backlight Control
  2.16  Serial Port
  2.17  LED Testing
  2.18  PWM Buzzer
  2.19  ADC Testing
  2.20  I2C-EEPROM
5. Board Introduce
  5.1  Different in Tiny210/Tiny210V2
Ethenet Setting
Board Support: Tiny210,Tiny210V2,Mini210S

Android System

Android has an ethernet configuration utility "Ethernet Setting"
Click on it, it will connect the ethernet by DHCP mode automatically.
And if you want to set configure IP, click the "Setting" and choose the "Use static IP"to set it.

Linux System

Go to the "FriendlyARM" tab and click on "Network Setting": 
From this interface we can set various network parameters: 
Static IP address, default setting is
Mask, default setting is
Gateway, default setting is
DNS, default setting is
MAC address, default setting is 08:90:90:90:90:90 
Click on "Save" to save these parameters and they are effective right now. After rebooting the system, these settings will still be there. The configuration file that contains the settings is "/etc/eth0-setting". 
 the "/etc/eth0-setting" file will not exist after reinstalling the system. Clicking on the "Save" button will generate one. Because all products are tested extensively by us, this file exists in your system. Executing the "ifconfig" command will not change this file.   

WinCE System

Configure MAC Address 

The integrated DM9000 network card doesn’t come with a MAC address therefore we 
strongly recommend our users to set it prior to connecting to the internet after burning an image into the board. 
After you set up your MAC address it will be written into the registry and will be there forever unlessyoureinstall you system or update it.Click on the “iMAC” icon to start the utility. 
On the MAC Address setting dialog, “Old” shows the current MAC. You can type your new in “New” or click on the “Gen”button to generate a ramdom MAC which in general achieves better results: 
The following screens shows a MAC generated by “Gen” 
Click on “Update MAC” to save your MAC into the registry and reboot your system 

Configure Ethernet 

Before you can browse the internet you need to set up your IP, gateway and DNS properly.Please go to “Start -> Settings->Control Panel”, launch the network setting utility and locate your DM9CE1. 
Double click on the DM9CE1 icon, you will see the following dialog in which you can make your network configurations. 
After setting up your network properly you can try it now 
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