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The User Manul for Mini210/Tiny210SDK1/SDK2 Board
1. Quickly Start
  1.1  Getting Start for Mini210s
  1.2  Getting Start for Tiny210
  1.3  System Update for Mini210s
  1.4  System Update for Tiny210
2. System Test method
  2.1  Touchsreen
  2.2  rotating screen
  2.3  Play MP3
  2.4  Recording
  2.5  WiFi Internet
  2.6  CMOS camera
  2.7  HDMI output
  2.8  GPS Test
  2.9  Ethenet Setting
  2.10  3G Networking
  2.11  3G SMS
  2.12  Dial-up via 3G
  2.13  USB Bluetooth
  2.14  USB Disk, SD card
  2.15  Backlight Control
  2.16  Serial Port
  2.17  LED Testing
  2.18  PWM Buzzer
  2.19  ADC Testing
  2.20  I2C-EEPROM
5. Board Introduce
  5.1  Different in Tiny210/Tiny210V2
Dial-up via 3G
Board Support: Tiny210,Tiny210V2,Mini210S

Android System

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Linux System


There are three popular 3G systems WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA. They require different 3G Modems. The most popular one is the USB 3G Modem, usually called “USB 3G network card” or “USB network card”. Our dial-up utility can detect and drive various USB network cards.
We will take HUAWEI E1750 as an example to show you how to use it.
Step1: please get a 3G SIM card ready
Step2£ºinsert the SIM card into the network card
Step3£ºplug the network card into your board
Step4: power on and start the 3G dial-up utility. It will automatically list all the detected
signals. Click on “OK” to continue
Step5: click on “Connect” to start connecting. If the connection is successful it will show the following dialog
Step6: “Minimize” the dial-up utility, open a browser and you will be able to try surfing the internet!

WInce System


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