CoreWind IPC-NET25 is a low-cost industria PC based on Atmel AT91SAM9X25 ARM9 processor. It can support memory up to 128MB DDR2 SDRAM and 256MB Nand Flash. The device has Two Ethernet, TF card, USB Host and utilizes a 12V DC power supply. It is a ready-to-run Linux 2.6 system.


Full-featured PC, tiny and power saving
Atmel AT91SAM9X25 ARM core processor @ 400MHz
ARM926EJ-STM core with MMU capable 
128Mbyte SDRAM
 Watch-Dog: On chip watch-dog timer
 TF card slot: One TF card slot in  the case
 USB Host: One USB Host, 480Mhz
 USB Deveice : One USB Device
Supply Voltage: 12V/1A
Power Consumption: 1.4W - 3W, depending on CPU speed and slected features 
Dimensions: 105x 118 x 29mm 
Operation temp(case): -40° to 85°C
Storage temperature: -40° to 85° C


Support Linux 2.6.39 System
 USB Host
NET: Ethernet, TCP/IP, Telnet
Serial port driver, RS485/RS232 Driver
 UBI filesystem


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