IPC-SAMA5D35 | ATmel SAMA5D35 Industrial board
  • Working Temperature: -40 to +85 Celsius
  • Atmel SAMA5D34 Cortex-A5 CPU, 536 MHz
  • 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256 MB NAND Flash
  • Two Ethernet support
  • TFT LCD with touchscreen, Audio
  • CAN, RS485, RS232 support

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IPC-SAMA5D35 is a high-performance ATMEL SAMA5D35 industrial PC board, from Corewind design, production and distribution sales. It uses ATMEL SAMA5D35 ARM Cortex-A5 processor , running at up to 536MHZ. IPC-SAMA5D35 Contain one CPU board(CM-SAMA5D35 ) and one base board(IPC-SAMA5D35 Base board).

The CM-SAMA5D35 processor card has external 256MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB Nand Flash and 4MB SPI Flash. It Integrated one 10/100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet chips on board, and many peripherals.

The IPC-SAMA5D35 is the base board for the CM-SAMA5D35. It comes with a variety of common standard interfaces, such as Two Ethernet, USB Host, SD card, DB9 serial port, RS232/RS485 Serial port, CAN Bus interface, audio input and output ports, as well as some of the on-board resources testing devices such as buzzer, keypad, GPIO ports, etc.

CoreWind offers Linux 3.6.9 for the boards. They are high-performance single board computer for industrial needs. 

CM-SAMA5D35 CPU Board Feature

CPU processor

  • ATMEL SAMA5D35 ARM processor
  • Cortex-A5, working at 536MHZ. 

DDR2 RAM Memory

  • 256MB DDR2 RAM, 32bit data bus

Flash Memory

  • 256MB Nand Flash
  • 4MB SPI Flash

Pin interface

  • 2 x 60 pin 2.0mm space DIP connector
  • 1 x 30 pin 2.0mm space DIP connector
  • Two Ethernet and seven Serial port
  • Resource: USB, Ethernet, Serial, SSC Audio, CAN, SDIO,SPI, IIC, GPIO

On-board resources

  • Integrated 1GMBit Ethernet on board
  • 2 x LED 
  • Supply Voltage 3.3V

PCB Size

  • 8 layer, 52 x 64 (mm)
  • Low power consumption, only 0.5W

IPC-SAMA5D35 Base Board Feature

Two Ethernet Port
  > One Gbit Ethernet support, Rj45 interface
  > One 100M ethernet support, RJ45 interface
Serial Port
Total Seven Serial port:
  > Debug Serial: RS232 Level, DB9 connector
  > USART0: RS485 level, connector
  > USART1: TTL Level(5-wire, expand with 2x5Pin header COM )
  > USART2: RS232 Level(Expand with 3.81 connector)
  > USART3: TTL Level(5-wire, expand with 2x5Pin header COM )
  > UART0: TTL Level(3-wire, expand with 2x5Pin header COM)
  > UART1: TTL level(3-wire, reused with the Audio chips)
1 x CAN Bus 2.0
Standard interface
Two USB Host
One USB Device interface
One Audio In/Out interface
One TF card interface
Board Resource
Key: 3 user key, contain one Reset Key and two User key
One RTC Battle
16 GPIO interface
PCB Size
145 x 110mm, 2 layer
Power In
Linux 3.6.9

Software support 

Support update the system by USB Disk 
Support Update the system by Ethernet
Linux 3.6.9
Driver Support
CAN Driver
Support CAN Bus
Serial Port Driver
Support Serial port Send/Receive, Support RS232 and RS485 mode
Support Modbus
Support Audio In/Out
USB Host
Support USB Disk, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard
1000M Ethernet
Support 1000M Ethernet, TCP/IP Support
100M ethernet Support 100M Ethernet, TCP/IP Support
TF Card
Support TF card, up to 32GB
GPIO Driver
GPIO Out/In driver
Key driver
Key Driver support
System function
UBI File system
Support UBI File system

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