USB Serial Cable | Model: USBSerialCable

USB Serial Cable is an USB to 3V3 TTL serial interface designed to get the access to the CoreWind boards debug port.

USB Serial Cable is based on the popular PL2303HX chip. The relative driver is almost ever already installed on any PC either Window or Linux.

To use the USB Serial Cable you need a terminal emulator program that is an utility that can send and receive characters via a serial port.

To use it with the WiFiG25 board, more details to see the follow website: 

Pin define for the USB Serial cable:

Pin Function Remark
Red Pin Power out 5V Connect Power in on WIFIG25 board
BLue Pin Serial TXD Connect RXD on WiFiG25 board
Whtie Pin Serial RXD Connect TXD on WiFiG25 board
Black Pin GND Connect GND on WiFiG25 board


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